A Leading Metal Roofing & Supplier of Roof Insulation In Malaysia


Since its establishment way back in 1990, Roofseal has been specializing in metal roofing. With more than two decades of experience and together with a combination of consistent quality products and well-trained installers, Roofseal has earned itself a significant reputation as one of the leading suppliers and sub-contractors in the metal roofing industry.

In a tropical country like Malaysia, roof insulation is very important to keep your house cool at all times. Roofseal is your trusted metal roofing supplier in Malaysia to attend to all your roof insulation needs. Over the years, we have become one of the leading metal roofing supplier in Malaysia for metal deck roof and zinc roof, and we are proud with what we have achieved. In Roofseal, we were able to help many of our clients in Malaysia and overseas with our professional roof insulation services, and we’ve gained a lot experience along the way. Thus, we’ll continue to strive towards being an even better roofing solutions provider locally and internationally.
Over the years, we have completed numerous commercial, residential and industrial projects from both private and government sectors in Malaysia. Based on demands and market trends, we provide all types of metal roofing, metal roofing accessories, rainwater channeling goods, insulation, roof structural products, and other roof-related products.
Our factory is supported by a workforce of experienced and qualified professionals to ensure high standards and qualities of our products are met. Most of our products can be customized and manufactured according to requested sizes and dimensions.
Our range of roofing products is readily available to both the Malaysian and international markets. You can expect to have all your roofing needs fulfilled here in Roofseal. Should you have any enquiries regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.