Step 1

Roof Covering

Roofseal’s range of roof coverings provides designers and owners with a variety of carefully designed profiles to truly satisfy both form and function.

Step 2

Insulation System Selection

Roofseal’s insulation system maintains a comfort living environment by creating a barrier to reduce heat and noise from entering the building.

Step 3

Gutter & Roof Components Selection

Roofseal’s guttering system and various roof components are a preventive investment for your buildings.

Step 4

Design of Roof Structure

Roofseal’s structural products offer high level of durability to give you a safe structure that suit your needs


As one of Malaysia’s leading roof suppliers and sub-contractors in the metal roofing industry, our aim is to provide a reliable and affordable all-in-one roof solution that is tailored to our customer’s roofing needs. From roof coverings, metal roofing materials, roof heat and aluminium foil insulation to the guttering system and design of the roof structure, we are confident you will find your every requirement satisfied here in Roofseal.